Conversational Hypnosis

Wikipedia defines “Conversational Hypnosis” or “Covert Hypnosis” as “the ability to subtly communicate with another person’s unconscious mind without them noticing.”

“The objective is to change the target’s behavior subconsciously so that the target believes that they changed their mind of their own volition. When performed successfully, the target is unaware that the practitioner has hypnotized them or that anything out of the ordinary happened.’’
In my own words I would define “covert” hypnosis as the ability to manipulate or hypnotize anyone who you are speaking with in effort consciously and unconsciously to persuade them to desire whatever idea you present.

It’s a subtle form of persuasion, yet highly effective. It comes in handy when you are looking to get your way. And the end you will be accused of being nothing more than a “dynamic speaker”. But its is a lot more than just being a “dynamic speaker”, its thoroughly understanding the sub conscious, how it relates to our decision making, then knowing the tools to relax then trigger the subconscious mind and the conscious mind, so that emotionally and rationally they see things your way. The listener leaves with a complete understanding they are making the right decision.
What is “The Power of Conversational Hypnosis”?

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The “Power of Conversational Hypnosis” is an audio book and manual written and performed by Igor Ledochowski. I had never heard of Igor before trying his course. And although I have been very intrigued with traditional Hypnosis as it relates to self-improvement I didn’t understand nor did I believe the power you could wield from applying simple techniques within the structure of a conversation to highly influence the listener.

Igor’s course is a massive 12 CD audio set intertwined with information on Conversational Hypnosis. After a brief introduction, he starts the series by hypnotizing the listener.
If you have never been hypnotized it is a very interesting occurrence. And it’s a good reason to take to course by itself. Igor’s skill level at applying hypnosis is superb. But as with most legit hypnotherapists their target for their clients is a genuine form of self-help. Many seek hypnotherapy to quit smoking, or become more productive people. Igor’s class is all about become a more persuasive influential person, a dynamic speaker, and a kick ass covert hypnotist. Unlike most hypnotherapists, He gives you the secrets.

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The audio books are structured around a class with 2 student’s one male and one female. Each relay their experience in perceiving and applying the demonstrated hypnosis exercises and act as an interactive viewer asking questions in your place as they arrive. Igor spends a lot of time covering details and at times he is too verbose. But I also feel that it’s good that he covers more than cover less. If you are really looking to use these techniques as part of a sales strategy, or boost your dating swagger, or whatever case may be, Igor has covered rules to apply to your situation.

Igor spends a good amount of time covering the approach of how to develop an instant rapport with a total stranger, get them to open up and reveal their inner desires. Those inner desires are clues. Then he presents effective techniques on how to use those clues for persuasion. He gets pretty deep.

Imagine having the power to persuade anyone at any time. Imagine how effective that would be in your daily life. Think of how many doors were closed because you didn’t display the proper influence, now imagine you with the tools to instantly grab someone’s attention, develop a rapport, and influence them to provide you with what you want, and then leave them with the understanding that they did the right thing.

Most people at one point of their lives know the feeling of being influenced in that way by another. There are few special people that have these abilities and use them to great success. It’s all something you can learn.

In all I found the class informative and It’s something I highly recommend.

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